"How can we shape the future of work?"
"How will artificial intelligence change the way we work?"
"What role do research and development play in this context?"


In a globalized world, we can best answer these questions in cooperation with other countries. This is why, in the scope of Waseda Vision 150, we are building strong international academic networks with partner universities and offering a variety of international activities to form future global leaders, able to identify and address current global issues, contributing to real world peace and happiness in human society.

PADERO is a Germany-Japan initiative to develop scenarios for employing socially interactive robots in nursing homes by integrating the needs of all the people involved, including nursing staff, the people in need of care and their relatives. The cultural differences in living with technologies will blend and enrich each other in PADERO hackathons enabling German and Japanese care and research organizations to jointly develop new and promising applications for robots in elderly care.


PADEROは、介護スタッフ、介護を必要とする人々、およびその親類縁者を含む関係者全員のニーズを統合することにより、養護施設で社会的にインタラクティブなロボットを扱うためのシナリオを開発する日独イニシアチブです。 テクノロジーとの生活における文化の違いは、ドイツと日本の介護研究機関が高齢者介護におけるロボットの新しい有望なアプリケーションを共同開発できるようにするPADEROハッカソンで互いに融合し、豊かにするでしょう。